What Is The #1 Factor In Weight Loss Success?

What Is The #1 Factor In Weight Loss Success?

Drum roll please…

It’s who you surround yourself with

That’s right.

The single biggest factor in your success at weight loss, or anything else in life, is the friends and family that you spend the most time with.


Support & Accountability

In our 6 Week Body Transformation Program I teach people about the 3 Major Keys To Weight Loss:

  1. Correct Game Plan

  2. Support

  3. Accountability

I can provide the best Game Plan for you, but I don’t have as much control over the Support and Accountability aspects.

Luckily, in our 6 Week Program, you have teammates supporting you as they go through the program themselves–and they’re holding you accountable to the team.

But whether you do our program or not, who you surround yourself with will largely determine if you’ll succeed or not.

Friends & Family who Support:

  • Congratulate you on wanting to improve your life, health, and happiness
  • Help talk you through difficult times in your life so you don’t turn to food for comfort
  • Want what’s best for you and your family

Friends & Family who aren’t Supportive:

  • Tell you it’s okay to have “just one more”
  • Smirk when you tell them what you’re doing, and sometimes tell you you’ll eventually fail
  • Are afraid of you changing

If your friends and family are less than supportive, understand that there’s a good reason for it.

Often, it’s just that they’re afraid of losing you or having your relationship with them change.

If you find yourself in an un-supportive situation, be understanding.

They may fear that you’ll start judging them or looking down on their choices, so be sure not to.

Eventually they’ll accept the changes you’re making and will likely be more supportive.

Accountability is also important.

When you add accountability to your goal, it makes it more real. It builds commitment.

By letting others know what you’re doing, those who are supportive will ask you from time to time how you’re doing.

This can add a feeling of accountability to it.

Again, our 6 Week Program adds accountability.

Joining a gym also adds accountability, because you’re paying for a gym membership–so you feel compelled to use it.

Finding a way to add accountability to your goals will help you tremendously in accomplishing them.


We are the sum of our 5 closest friends

This was first taught by a very famous business and motivational thinker, Jim Rohn.

I don’t think there’s any scientific proof of this principle, but I know that many other successful people have found it validated in their own lives.

Right now, think of the 5 people who you spend the most time with.

If you average them out you’ll most likely end up somewhere in the middle.

That includes health and body composition.

It also includes financially, emotionally, and all other aspects of your life.


Who we’re around shapes our views of what’s acceptable & what’s not

We’re social creatures. We want to fit in with those around us.

So we tend to subconsciously adopt similar viewpoints and standards of those around us.


Inevitability Thinking

One of my favorite business thinkers is Eben Pagan. I quote his ideas a lot.

He came up with a term called “Inevitability Thinking”.

Basically, it means setting up conditions in your life that make it inevitable that you will reach your goals.

I already discussed accountability, but making yourself accountable to someone else is one way to almost guarantee your success.

Another way to practice Inevitability Thinking is to get rid of all of the junk food in your home and replace it with healthy food.

If the only food you have to choose from is healthy food, THAT is what you’ll eat.

Again, the people you surround yourself with will play a huge role in whether or not you’re able to surround yourself with healthy options and rid yourself of the unhealthy ones.


Focus on Adding friends, not Subtracting them

How do you start changing things around so that you’re surrounded by people who support you and want you to succeed?

And how do you start ensuring that your friends will help you make it inevitable that you reach your goals?

It would be detrimental and insincere to suddenly cut out the friends who don’t support you.

It would also validate the biggest reason why many friends may not WANT to support you–the fear of losing you.

Instead, it’s better to adopt an attitude of “Adding, rather than Subtracting”.

I teach this in all areas of life, including building a better support group.

Add some new friends into your social circle–ones that are on a similar path to you, or who have accomplished what you want to accomplish.

Friend them on Facebook.

Workout with them if you can.

Find ways to nurture those relationships.

Over time you’ll develop a new level of good influences in your life.


We attract people of a similar self-esteem, so focus on changing yourself & you’ll attract similar people into your life.

Dr. Nathaniel Branden, a psychologist and the “Father” of Self-Esteem wrote some interesting things that he’s learned over the years in his studies and work.

One that’s stuck out to me is that we tend to attract people with a similar self esteem to our own.

Our self esteem–the worth we place on our happiness and what we deserve–determines how we live.

We can raise our self esteem simply by taking better care of ourselves.

Eating better and taking care of our bodies validates our own self worth.

It’s an upward spiral.

The more our self esteem grows, the more inevitable it is that we’ll want to take good care of ourselves.

If you’re not sure how to attract new people who will support you into your life, start by being the kind of person who would naturally attract those kinds of friends.


Deserve what you want –> My personal story

This lesson was one of the biggest immediate life changers for me.

At the time I was living a party lifestyle, having fun all night and then suffering for it with hangovers and lackluster relationships the next day.

Deep down I knew I wanted to be healthy and have a successful business helping others.

I also wanted a girlfriend who was on a similar path.

Literally overnight I decided that if I wanted that for myself then I needed to DESERVE those things.

I didn’t know exactly HOW to do it.

I didn’t have any guarantees that I’d be successful.

But I felt that if I wanted to make my success INEVITABLE then I needed to BE the person who DESERVES those things that I want.

It was miraculous just how fast I started to meet the people and receive the opportunities that I needed in order to reach my goals.

I feel particularly blessed to have met my girlfriend Sarah a year later, a girl who does inspire me on a daily basis to be a better person.


Coach Forrest

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