Muay Thai is a striking art developed in Thailand and encompasses boxing, kicking, elbows, and knee strikes. You’ll pair up with a partner to hit pads and practice drills. When you’re ready and comfortable you’ll also have the option to spar if you choose.


Ever since Brazilian Jiu Jitsu hit the mainstream in the 90’s it’s become extremely popular due to it’s effectiveness and accessability to everyone. It’s a groundfighting art that develops a lot of core strength as you work through the various techniques with a partner.


Fitness Kickboxing is a high-energy class focused on punching, kicking, and conditioning. You’ll be led by an instructor through a full-body workout on the heavy bag, as well as conditioning drills throughout.


Combat Conditioning is similar to our Fitness Kickboxing class, but with lots and lots of kettlebells. Kettlebells are a great way to increase strength while burning calories.

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