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Coach Forrest

Coach Forrest is the owner of Fighting Fit Boot Camp. Obsessed with martial arts ever since he can remember, he started training in Jeet Kune Do at the age of 13. In 2011 he opened a Jeet Kune Do school, then a year later he bought Fighting Fit and combined the two. He is the primary Martial Arts instructor at Fighting Fit.

He believes training is all about having fun and he loves to help people learn new things. He's patient and meets people where they're at.

Coach Luis

Fitness Kickboxing
Coach Luis will inspire you to push yourself. He loves to train and when he's not teaching, you'll find him right alongside you in class.

He grew up training in martial arts, but never felt "at home" until he joined Fighting Fit. Now he loves helping others find the same joy that he finds in their own training.

Coach Ivan

Kickboxing, Bootcamp, Kickboxing/Bootcamp Combo
Coach Ivan is known around the gym for his ability to motivate and cheer his students on.

His own experience with injury and the struggle to get back in shape helped mold his positive outlook.

“I was on a roll with my boxing training until I sprinted after a ball playing soccer and herniated my back. I was depressed dealing with pain/numbness in my left leg until I decided to get surgery.” He wasn’t able to do any training for 6 weeks after the surgery. He started to gain weight from the lack of activity, and found comfort in food.

A stern realization turned the tide: “One day I told myself, ‘I’m either going to get better one day at a time or I’m going to make myself worse. The choice to make a change is my responsibility, and no one is going to make it for me.’”

That mental shift gave him the motivation he needed. His physical condition didn’t change over night. But it gave him the grit and force-of-will to show up for himself every day, “all the way to where now I’m a coach!”

This experience also gives him unique insight into what someone embarking on a new health journey experiences.

“Although much of the pain is physical, most of your success comes from your mental strength. Becoming successful requires some commitment, some sacrifice, some perseverance, and a good attitude.” His class is great place to nurture this mental strength. He designs challenging workouts. You can expect him to explain the muscles you’re working and to guide you through the movements, but then you’ll see him work out and sweat with you during the class.

“What I love about fitness training and our gym is that anytime you are there you are making some sort of progress. You’ll make friends you’ll do workouts that are more enjoyable than a treadmill, and you’ll start to build confidence in your ability to do something healthy for yourself. It’s a great way to stay strong in your body, your heart, and your mind.”

Coach Lexi

Fitness Kickboxing
Coach Lexi is our noon “lunch-box” queen. Members love her class for her no-nonsense approach to training:

“Pushing the members past what they thought were their physical limitations is what makes me feel successful as an instructor....and ab work...I love ab work.” :) A veteran of physical fitness, her journey started as a kid playing year round softball and volleyball. Her fitness path also included teaching a hip-hop class during college.

But like so many of us, it’s the time we fall off that wagon that teaches us the most:

“After college, I fell off of working out for a couple of years, due to a busy work schedule, and gained quite a bit of weight in a short period of time.”

She ultimately visited a doctor when her efforts to lose the weight failed. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and began to lose weight with the help of a prescription.

Ever tenacious, she refused to spend the rest of her life on medication - “It wasn’t until I began eating clean that I cured my thyroid condition, and no longer need to be on medication.”

These days Coach Lexi is inspired by leading a healthy lifestyle in general. And she brings that inspiration to every class she teaches. In addition to high energy, you’re guaranteed to get at least 8 minutes of straight ab work in each class she teaches.

A side bonus - she’s Superwoman in the kitchen! She loves “the challenge of taking a gourmet meal, picking it apart by each ingredient, and coming up with a version that suits my diet.” And she’s happy to share her nutrition insights with her students.

Coach Sarah

Yoga for Athletic Recovery
Coach Sarah started the yoga program at Fighting Fit. She was inspired by her own experience as an athlete-turned-yoga practitioner.

She went to her first yoga class in 2009 when a friend took her. Having played sports through high school and college, she ran regularly but didn’t know a thing about yoga - “My whole experience of training revolved around moving faster, getting my heart rate up, and lifting heavier.”

She also dealt with chronic low back pain. “As I laid in corpse pose at the end of that first class, I felt my body relax more than it had ever done before. Most importantly, my back didn’t hurt anymore.”

She left the class feeling empowered that she could so something to make her back feel better.

And the next time she went for a run, she felt great. “I began to notice a trend - when I practiced yoga, my body was ready to be pushed harder during my training sessions.”

Today, she’s inspired by the Fighting Fit members:

“I am in absolute awe of our members. We have beginners, former athletes, young, old, all sorts of people come in here - sometimes stepping way out of their comfort zones - to get in shape, move, and have fun. It’s my pleasure to help them along that path.”

When you take a class with Coach Sarah, you can expect a beginner-friendly class, with an emphasis on breathing and physical alignment within the postures. “My goal is for members to learn tools they can take off their mat to help support their health and wellness.”

Coach Corey

Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Coach Corey is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. But don't let his friendly manner make you think that he'll go easy during the workouts... he keeps things fast-paced, energetic, and exciting.

He's competed in Kickboxing, MMA, and BJJ and currently holds 2 belts in BJJ. And he's always happy to share his knowledge with his students.

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