Winning The Battle Of Getting To The Gym

Winning The Battle Of Getting To The Gym

Getting to the gym is half the battle.

It’s probably the most important battle, too.

After all, once you’re there you’re probably feeling a little pumped for your workout.

So, how do you win that first battle?


Make YOU a Top Priority

There are a lot of things you probably need to do each day, isn’t there?

But really, which ones are going to pay off the most down the road.

Think about the things that have gotten in the way of you going to the gym in the past.

How many of them still seem extremely important to you today?

Often, we get caught up in the things that scream “URGENT!” so loudly that we forget about the things that simply whisper “Important”.

But in 3 years from now, what’s going to really have the most lasting impact on your quality of life?

What are the things that, if you do them every single day, you’re going to be able to reap the benefits of far into the future?

Hitting the gym sometimes doesn’t feel like a priority because there aren’t any IMMEDIATE benefits.

But by consistently making YOU and YOU’RE HEALTH a top priority–more important than most of the things that call for your attention–you’re going to have more energy for your family, more vitality for your work, and more pride in yourself.


Shine a light on your biggest obstacles

Look at any missed workout as an opportunity to get some clarity on the obstacles that hold you back.

Never let a setback go to waste!

Write down what came up that caused you miss the gym and create a gameplan for what you’ll do in the future so that it doesn’t happen again.

Preparation is the key to success, and often that preparation is done best through experience.

So take any experiences you have from failures and use them so that they’re a blessing instead of a setback.


Create a ritual of reward for following through

Finding pleasure in what you do is the most sure way of making sure you do it consistently.

When I was young, I’d go to Karate.

Then one of the boy’s dads would take us out for ice cream afterwards.

It was a fun ritual that made Karate something I loved even more.

Rewarding yourself with treats may not be the best gameplan for weight loss.

But there are other ways to reward yourself.

I remember how much I loved going to my boxing gym every morning because I’d go there shortly after the sun had come up.

The drive was so relaxing and the fresh air felt so good.

I used that time to reflect on my goals and to inwardly high-five myself for sticking to them.

The gym was usually fairly empty in the mornings, so I had the place mostly to myself.

By the time I got home I felt refreshed and ready to focus on the work I needed to do.

Slowing down and finding those little pleasures along the way has been one of the keys to me staying consistent with my workouts and goals.


Coach Forrest

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