Your #1 Reason For Working Out

Your #1 Reason For Working Out

Motivation is about finding your “WHY”

According to Tony Robbins, the key to finding the motivation to make lasting change lies in discovering and focusing on your WHY.

If you have a big enough “WHY”, you’ll figure out the “HOW”.

Start by taking 5-10 mins to write down why you want to workout.

What’s the most meaningful part of accomplishing your goals for you?

Unhealthy reasons

Getting clear on why you want to workout can help you to see clearly what it is that drives you and to decide if those are the best reasons, or if it would be better to find new reasons.

Sometimes insecurities help us by getting us started on a healthier path, but it’s important to notice those motivators in ourselves and to try to let go of them as you focus on better ones.

–> Feel Worthy

When we think that we’re not good enough the way that we are, we can feel driven to find a way to change.

Sometimes this means trying to look better, impress more people, or prove ourselves to others.

These reasons feed our egos and put us on a downward spiral of obsession with getting others’ approval.

I’m not saying that you need to be a saint, but I am saying that happiness is best found in self-acceptance and self-love.

Self Love

–> Get Attention

I personally love attention.

I’ve been known to beg for it from time to time.

And transforming your body into a powerful work of art can certainly get you lots of attention.

But again, trying to find happiness in compliments and attention is like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it.

It runs out, and you keep having to fill it to be happy.

–> Escape

I’m not talking about taking a break from the world as you put on some tunes and enjoy a good workout.

I’m talking about using exercise as a means of escaping our lives.

We all deal with pains and frustrations in our lives differently, and working out can become one avenue for people.

Rather than connecting us with that deeper part of ourselves, it can be used to help us numb out and get away from our feelings and our pain.


Healthy reasons

When you meet someone who makes working out an important ingredient to a well-balanced life, you can feel it.

And adopting some of their reasons as your own can help you to love exercise and to bring you closer to a better, more fulfilling life.

–> Take control of your life


Working out gives you a sense of control in your life.

Sure, not everything in life will go the way you want.

But working out gives you the most power over your health.

And starting your day with a healthy discipline of exercise can give you a confident, empowering feeling that lasts for the rest of your day.

–> Live a more fulfilling life

Working out also allows you to live longer and do more things.

You’re not limited by as many things.

You can experience more of life fully, like kayaking on the river, or playing a game with your kids.

You don’t have to sit on the sidelines.

–> Be a good influence on your family

We all love our families and we want the best for them.

And being an example of health and fitness can inspire those you love to follow your example.

It’ll feel great to look back and see your family thriving because of the healthy values that you taught them through your own lifestyle.

–> Get centered & get perspective

Working out is one of the greatest emotional reset buttons available.

People have literally become addicted to working out.

They crave that time each day when they can center themselves and step back from the stresses of the day to day to focus on the moment as they exercise.

After a long and stressful day, unwinding by working out can be just the thing to de-stress and find your center again.

–> Feel better & have more energy


Working out helps your body balance out its hormones.

It leaves you feeling better.

And the longer you stick with it, the better you’ll feel in general each day.

You’ll have more energy to do things after work.

That can be time well spent with your family, or focusing on your business goals.

Pain/Pleasure List

One way to really amp up your commitment to working out is to make a Pain/Pleasure List and put it on your fridge to read from time to time.

On one side of a piece of paper, write down all of the Pain you’ll create in your life if you DON’T workout.

And on the other side, write down all of the Pleasure you’ll receive if you DO workout.

An Example

Here’s a quick example of what this might look like:

PAIN–“By not working out each week I…”

  • Will feel stuck each day
  • Will be disappointed in myself
  • Won’t want to go to the beach with my family this summer
  • Won’t have the energy I wish I had to play with my kids
  • Might miss out on seeing my kids go to college

PLEASURE–“By working out each week, I…”

  • Will feel great when I can fit into those skinny jeans
  • Will be able to keep up with my friends during weekend tennis matches
  • Will feel more creative and reflective
  • Have an excuse to listen to some of my favorite music every day
  • Can stay focused at work easier and get more done, freeing me up for more time at home

I hope this gives you some ideas for finding your big WHY and staying motivated.


Coach Forrest

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