Why Real Food Is Better Than Processed Food

Why Real Food Is Better Than Processed Food

I know it’s super-duper cheap and easy, but just like most things that fall under that category, it’s best to leave processed foods alone.

Processed Foods Are Bad

3 Reasons To Avoid Processed Food:

1. Processed food is full of Fat, Sugar, and Salt.


By the time the scientists have finished stripping real food of any nutrients, taste, or even recognition they’ve managed to also fill it a massive injection of fat, sugar, and salt to give it a generic flavor of “food”.

2. Processed food is designed to make you fat.

Am I just making this up in order to really “stick it to” processed food?

Unfortunately, no.

Of course, not everything in processed foods that makes you fat was put there for that purpose. Some of it is coincidence.

But the reality is that the food industry makes money by selling you more food. So that’s what the food industry sets about to do–figure out how to get your body to hold more food.


3. Processed food makes you crave more of it.

Part of that goal of getting you to eat more food is accomplished by learning how to shut off your brain’s natural switches that tell you you’re full.

This is one thing they’ve mastered.

Have you ever felt hungry, until you realized that they only things in your fridge were vegetables or something not processed?

Suddenly you’re not hungry again.


Real Food Is Here To Save The Day!

Ready to kick the processed crap to the curb where it belongs?

Here are 8 reasons why switching to REAL food is a better decision.

1. Real food fills you up more.

Because real food contains complex nutrients (all the stuff that processed food takes out), it keeps you full for longer.

And many foods like vegetables contain so much water that, even though you feel full to the brim, there’s actually not nearly as many calories in your stomach as there is with processed food.

2. Real food makes you live longer.

What makes living a kick-ass life, full of health and strength, better?

Sticking around to enjoy it longer!

Real food is full of all sorts of wonderful things that fight cancer, sickness, and everything else that tries to kill you.

3. Real food tastes better.

I know some people aren’t going to believe this one.

But it’s true.

There’s a lot of flavor going on in real food that you start to notice when you ditch the over-stimulating processed crap.

4. Real food makes you skinny.

The quickest way to a healthy heart is through vanity.

We all want to look good, and real food helps you do it.

Besides making your skin, hair, and nails look healthier, eating real food will help you drop the extra pounds quickly.

5. Real food balances your hormones.

Real food is nature’s medication.

When you eat right, your body naturally balances itself.

This means you’ll feel better and live at your body’s ideal weight more easily.

6. Real food gives you energy.

Processed food can be enjoyable in the moment.

But real food will be with you, making you feel great all day.

7. Real food gives you a clear mind.

Have you ever experienced a hangover from too much junk food?

Nothing tastes so good that it’s worth living your life in a mental fog over.

8. Real food makes you feel better afterwards.

Ultimately, this is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

When you eat right you feel better.

Not just because of the reasons listed above.

But because it feels good to take care of yourself.

It feels good to know that you’re focused on making your life better.


So make the plunge and switch to Real Food instead of the fake stuff.

You’ll be glad you did!


Coach Forrest

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