What Are The Healthiest Foods?

What Are The Healthiest Foods?

25 Superfoods Diet

I’ve always loved the term “Superfood”.

One of my favorite eating strategies has been to keep a list of the foods that I consider my “Superfoods” and to make sure that I’m getting at least 3 servings of each in a week.

It’s a great way to not only make sure you’re eating healthy without actually “dieting”, but it’s also a fun way to challenge yourself to learn how to make new healthy meals.

Here’s a video I made a few years back, where I actually show you the diet.

Ask yourself, “What foods pack the most nutritional punch?”

Marketers also love the term “Superfoods”, so beware of people trying to sell you on supposedly magical foods.

In the end, any food that you like enough to eat and that gets you closer to your goals can be called a Superfood.

However, when I choose the foods to put on my list, I ask myself this question:

“Which foods pack the most nutritional punch?”

All vegetables

If you’re not sure where to start when creating your list, first of all rest assured that any veggies that you like automatically make the list.

Sort by Fat, Carbs, and Protein

These are known as your “Macro-nutrients”.

They’re the main 3 nutrients that make up food and that make up you.

So, as you put together your Superfoods list, make sure that you have some foods for each category.

Of course, not all foods are created equal.

An avocado and a stick of butter both contain a good amount of fat, but avocados have a better quality of fat than butter–as well as packing a more nutritious punch.


Protein can be gotten from real food or from powders, but when given the choice stick with real food.

Carbs –> Complex

I wanted to give carbs its own place here, since it gets picked on so much.

The truth is, carbs need to be watched.

But it’s not the “evil villain” a lot of people are making it out to be.

Carbs are your #1 fuel for energy, but it’s important to pick healthy carbs.

The more complex the carb, the better.

Complex carbs are things like brown rice, whole wheat flour, etc.

The more refined, or “simple”, a carb is, the more unhealthy it is.

And eventually it just becomes sugar, which is NOT part of a good weight loss plan.

Meat is good if natural

Another topic worth addressing is meat.

I grew up learning about how bad meat was, being the major culprit behind heart disease.

Well, the facts seem to point in the opposite direction these days.

You really can eat meat and still live a healthy life.

In fact, it may actually be very helpful.


However, the verdict is still out on what effect processed meat has on our health, so I’d recommend going with as natural of meat as you can afford.


How to get started

Not sure how to get started?

Well, you can either jump into trying out my own personal Superfood list–and eating 3 servings of each every week (I keep 3 check boxes next to each food and mark them as I go).

Or you can make your own list and follow that.

Or, if you’d rather ease into a healthier lifestyle (which is often the best choice), you can follow this advice:

Add 1 new vegetable per week

Every week pick out one new veggie to try.

Google how to prepare it and look at possible new dishes to try.

Avoid frozen vegetables if you can.

Fresh ones taste so much better.

Also, vegetables that are in season taste way better, for the same reason.


Coach Forrest

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