The Biggest Dieting Lie

The biggest lie I hear way too often is…
“Just eat less so you can drop those pounds”
Are you kidding me?
I love how starving yourself would be considered “sound advice” to being healthy and getting lean😂
But ya know what…I can’t blame you, it’s not your fault if you’ve offered up that advice before
So who is to blame?
These ridiculous “experts” or “gurus” who say whatever people want to hear to get another subscriber and become “an influencer”
They’ve misinformed people telling them that starvation is good for being healthy
But let me ask you this…
Would you ever consider it “sound advice” if someone told you:
“The best way to take care of that baby and to make sure it’s healthy is to barely feed it”
Dude…that’s called “malnourishment”
And yet these experts and giant fitness companies will spout lies to millions of people to make another buck
Now, don’t get me wrong
I’m not here to judge
I used to be one believe in “The Starvation Strategy”
I remember going to bed early just to avoid being hungry all night
I’m telling you this because I get it
I’ve been there
I discovered the truth…and it set me free
So, you may be asking “what is the truth?”
I’m glad you asked
Here’s the TRUTH about sustainable weight loss that doesn’t require you eating as little as possible:
📌 Most failures to lose weight are really just failures to prepare
📌 Take the time to find the foods you ENJOY (and that fill you up), that also get you to your goal
📌 Don’t rush the process. The longest possible way to do this is to try shortcut after shortcut (if you’ve been trying to lose weight for 10 years now you know what I’m talking about)
📌 Develop the habit of tracking what you’re doing. It’s not as tedious as it sounds. Start small. It’s no different than budgeting your $, only it’s your calories. And small adjustments over time will make all the difference.
📌 Be willing to ask for help. The sooner you get this solved, the more of YOU that you can bring to your family, your career, and yourself
This is the truth that set me free
It’ll do the same for you
So drop the malnourishment meal plan…or what I call the “No Meal” meal plan
And pick up some veggies…some steak…and some cake 😉

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