Stay Positive — Doors Of Opportunity Are Opening For You!

In March of 2020 my wife Sarah & I started reading a book called “Opportunity” as a way to keep our minds positive & focused.
It’s by one of my favorite educators, Eben Pagan.
Today’s chapter had a story worth sharing…
“Researchers did a fascinating experiment.
They asked people to read a newspaper, and count the number of photographs inside.
People who described themselves as ‘unlucky’ took 2 mins to count all the photos.
People who described themselves as ‘lucky’ came up with the answer in a few seconds.
How could this be?
On the 2nd page of the newspaper, there was a big advertisement, with a headline that said, ‘Stop Counting, There Are 43 Photographs In This Newspaper.’
It was deliberately designed and camouflaged to look like an ad.
The unlucky people didn’t see it.
Richard Wiseman, the psychologist who was doing this research, said:
‘Unlucky people miss chance opportunities because they are too focused on looking for something else.'”
The point I took from this was that there are opportunities happening all around us — and focusing only on what doors are closed to us hides the doors that are also opening up for us.

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