The Biggest Dieting Lie

The biggest lie I hear way too often is… “Just eat less so you can drop those pounds” Are you kidding me? I love how starving yourself would

I Hated How I Looked & Felt!

Ga! Came across this pic from an old road trip… A trip that was marred by the way I felt — I HATED HOW I FELT! I remember

A Much Appreciated Compliment

Feels good to be mentioned alongside a personal hero of mine, Mittmaster Matthew Chapman. The key to wealth is to help as many people as

Holiday Eating & Weight Loss

As we embark on the holiday season I want to share what I hope are some helpful little nugs about – Food demons (and what are

My “Superfoods Diet” Smoothie😁🥤 years ago I made a fun little video to teach my “Superfoods Diet” philosophy. I took each of the 20+ foods and blended them up

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