Can A 100 lb Girl Fight Off A Bigger Man?

Can A 100 lb Girl Fight Off A Bigger Man?


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With that out of the way, though, let me say that self defense isn’t necessarily about winning a fight.

It’s about escaping danger safely.

Here are 5 keys to Self Defense that you should know.

5 Keys To Self Defense


1. Be an opponent, not a victim

When a lion’s hungry, does he go after the strongest animal in the herd?


He goes after the weakest.



That’s how a HUMAN PREDATOR thinks as well.

To a predator, attacks are neither RANDOM nor SENSELESS.

There’s an entire thought-pattern that goes into how they choose a target–one that we cover in our FAST Defense Training Program.

For now, understand that they’re not sizing a 100 lb woman up because they think she’d be a good fight.

That’s why it’s important that a 100 lb girl do everything she can to fight back!

She may not knock him down or overpower him, but she can let him know that he’s in for more than he bargained for.

She can send a message that she’s not going to be an victim.

ALWAYS fight back immediately.



2. Know Your Escape Opportunities

In our Krav Maga classes we make sure that our students know when and where their opportunities to escape are in every defense that we teach.

If your only option is to stay in and fight, we want you to be ferocious.

But often, fighting back will surprise an attacker just long enough for you to get away.

Take it when it’s there.


3. Aim For Vital Targets

It’s cliche but has to be said.

No matter how big a guy is, he’ll be weak as a kitten if you land a good shot to the eyes or groin.

As one of my instructors says, “In training, aim for the 6-pack. On the street, aim for the 2-pack.”



4. The Biggest Danger Is Freezing

Familiar with the term “Fight, Flight, or Freeze”?

When you feel threatened, you immediately respond with one of these.

Usually it’s to freeze, as your brain quickly tries to decide whether to run or stay and fight.

All the techniques in the world are useless without first knowing how to overcome that freeze response.

Your chances of survival automatically skyrocket as soon as you fight back.


5. Confidence & Awareness Prevent Attacks

Most attacks happen to people who look like easy prey to a Predator and who aren’t paying attention to the warning signs happening around them.

Learning Krav Maga is as much about taking your safety seriously BEFORE an attack as it is about what to do DURING one.

Project confidence.

Project that you are worth fighting for.

Project that you will bring all hell with you if needed.



Try a Free Krav Maga class today

If you’d like to come in and watch or try out one of our Self Defense classes, we’d love to have you.

We want you to feel safe, both on the street and in our class.

The only ones who get hit in class are the instructors.

And they like it ?

Did I mention that it’s also one of the best workouts you’ll ever get??



Simply come to one of our classes Thurs nights at 7:30 or Saturday mornings at 10.

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Coach Forrest

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