Free Goal Weight Calculator Imagine if you could figure out exactly how many days it would take to hit your weight loss goals… The hard thing about setting

The Biggest Dieting Lie

The biggest lie I hear way too often is… “Just eat less so you can drop those pounds” Are you kidding me? I love how starving yourself would

I Hated How I Looked & Felt!

Ga! Came across this pic from an old road trip… A trip that was marred by the way I felt — I HATED HOW I FELT! I remember

A Much Appreciated Compliment

Feels good to be mentioned alongside a personal hero of mine, Mittmaster Matthew Chapman. The key to wealth is to help as many people as

Holiday Eating & Weight Loss

As we embark on the holiday season I want to share what I hope are some helpful little nugs about – Food demons (and what are

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