A Tale Of 2 Women – My Wife’s Experience Of Getting A Nutrition Coach

🧍🏽‍♀️A Tale of Two Women🧍🏽‍♀️
The woman on the left….
She’s obsessed with weight loss, but can’t seem to find the “magic switch” to make it happen for her.
A self-proclaimed health fanatic, she only eats the “cleanest” diet. She’s CONVINCED that the key to losing weight is eating the “right” foods.
And so the list of foods she’s willing to eat can be counted on one hand.
Paradoxically she tells herself (and others) that she’s not a fan of “overly restrictive” diets.
“Choosing what to eat just shouldn’t be THAT hard.”
Most inconvenient to this story is she’s a gym owner. A fitness professional who isn’t happy with her own body.
She secretly feels like a fraud, telling other people what to do, but not seeing the results in her own life.
The only reason she feels like she could get away with it was her fitness output. She can keep up with the best of them in any kickboxing or bootcamp class…
So she trains and trains and trains and hopes to out-train this body she’s not happy with.
The woman on the right…
She’s content and feels balanced in both mind and body.
She is joyful, knowing that when “pumpkin season” rolls around, she gets to take part, rather than abstain and grit her teeth until the holidays are over.
She eats a wide variety of food, both “healthy” and “treats.”
She can leave her house knowing that if she needs to stop to eat somewhere, she has a whole host of food options available to her that will still keep her in the body of her dreams.
She enjoys clarity of action.
She knows EXACTLY what she needs to do to get the results she wants. Her actions reflect her inner knowing — she has INNER ALIGNMENT.
Now she enjoys coaching others to get the same results.
And when she trains, she trains for pleasure, longevity, and mental health. She enjoys seeing what her body is capable of – no more need to punish it into submission.
What’s the difference between these two ladies?
One. Simple. Word.
The one on the left is struggling, spinning her wheels, hoping the next health book will tell her what to do.
The one on the right has a coach who guides her. She knows he’ll show up each week, so she will too.
And now she’s happy in her body, released from a lifelong obsession that kept her stagnate and unsatisfied.
If you’re struggling with your own fitness journey, do yourself a favor – get yourself a coach. Someone who has accomplished what you’d like to accomplish. It streamlines the process and saves both headache and heartache.

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