8 Of The Best Exercises For Weight Loss

8 Of The Best Exercises For Weight Loss

How you exercise is important



Although we’re talking about specific exercises, I just want to mention that there’s more to the weight loss puzzle than just the exercise.

There’s a formula, a pattern of exercising, that combines all of the best exercises into a fat burning powerhouse.

I’ve covered the method elsewhere, so today I’ll just focus on some of the specific exercises themselves.

Compound exercises

The best exercises for weight loss are known as “Compound exercises”.

A compound exercise is one where you’re combining a lot of movements at once.

Curls with a dumbbell are a good example of a BAD fat burning exercise.

It involves only one movement, while the rest of your body is missing out on the fun.

Exercises that get you sweating & get your heart rate up are best



The goal is to get to working hard.

You burn more calories when you make your body work hard.

If you’re sweating a lot and your heart’s beating like crazy, that’s a good sign that you’re burning calories.

So evaluate your workouts based on that.

Those curls that we spoke of don’t get you sweating very much. Hence, they won’t be making you very skinny unless you can add other movements into it.

Major Muscle Group Activation

The major muscle groups to focus on when working out to lose weight are your legs, back, and chest.

When you pick exercises that involve these muscles, you instantly get more of your body into an exercise.




Supersets refers to combining different exercises together.

This is how you can take a lame fat burning exercise and turn it into an amazing one.

And it can be fun to try different combinations, insuring that your workout never gets stale.

Squats or Lunges –> Add to any movement to accelerate fat burning

Any exercise that involves just your arms usually offers you an opportunity to activate your leg muscles as well.

So experiment (safely) with adding them into any exercise that you’re doing to maximize the results.

Adding weights allows you to up the intensity

The beauty of adding weights is that you can INSTANTLY burn a massive amount of calories at once.

And you have access to so many more exercises.


8 Exercises That Burn Fat

Here are 8 exercises that you should be adding into your workouts to increase your fat burn.

They involve lots of movement, and will have you sweating in no time!

1. Burpees

Who doesn’t like burpees?

Burpees Like


Okay, a lot of you don’t.

But burpees are the king of fat burning exercises.

It’s impossible not to get a great workout if you’re doing them.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers are another great exercise.

They involve using your entire body, including your legs, abs, and even your arms (for balance).

Bicycle Crunches

Bicycle Crunches are fun to watch because, as you get tired, you can easily go from looking like a fitness god or goddess to a kid trying to kick the covers off the bed.

Bent Knee Jackknives

Another excellent ab exercise that requires a lot of muscles to coordinate.

Until you get these down, though, you’ll feel like a teeter totter.

Clean & Press

We use Kettlebells, but dumbbells work just fine.

This involves both compound movements and weights, a perfect formula for fat burning.

Medicine Ball Slams –> Add a Sprawl

Another great exercise using equipment, a Medicine Ball Slam requires your whole body.

Adding in a sprawl can turn this into a level 10 exercise.

Correct Punching & Kicking



I love the workouts we get in our Fitness Kickboxing classes, because punching and kicking a bag requires the entire use of your body.

If my core isn’t exhausted by the end of a good Kickboxing workout, I’m not doing it right.

But here’s the thing–you’ve got to make sure that you’re throwing your punches and kicks properly.

Until you learn how to punch and kick with good form, you’ll just be getting a mediocre arm and leg workout.

Learning to hit isn’t hard, but it’s crucial to making it a full body workout–and feeling good when you start knocking the bags around with your ahttps://www.austinkickboxingandjiujitsu.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpgome power!




Sprints–the bane of any good workout routine.

They rival Burpees in love-factor.

But they make your entire body work at full force just long enough to skyrocket your fat burning through the roof.


Coach Forrest

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