7 Easy Changes You Can Make Now & Get Results

7 Easy Changes You Can Make Now & Get Results

Pre-Make 1 meal a week –> Crock Pot

This is my favorite change because it’s so simple, saves you a ton of time in the long run, gives you full control over your meal, and is actually a lot of fun when you get the hang of it.

The only part that takes some getting used to is brushing up on your cooking skills and setting aside the time to cook it.

However, both of these are easily resolved by just using a crock pot.

The crock pot is almost like cheating.

With no skill and no free time you can still be fixing up amazing dinners like it’s nobody’s business.

Of course, the key to this whole “Pre-Making” thing is to make BIG BATCHES of food.

That way you’ve got enough for several meals throughout the week.

Then it’s just a matter of simply splitting it up into several containers, sticking them in the fridge, and grabbing one to eat each day.

Eat off smaller plates

This one brings psychology into the mix.

For some reason eating off smaller plates actually tricks our brains into thinking we’re eating more than we really are.

I guess what they say is true–our eyes really are too big for our stomachs.

I know this suggestion sounds too simple, but try it.

You’ll actually find yourself feeling more full on less food.


Drink a glass of water when you wake up

Drinking more water is such an easy thing to add that it’s really a no-brainer.

Water helps with weight loss, and chances are you’re not getting enough.

Nighttime is one time when our bodies tend to get dehydrated, and by drinking a glass of water first thing when you wake up you can really help your body get started for the day.

Quick tip: Put a glass of water by your bed each night.

That way you remember, and it’ll also not be freezing cold in the morning if your sink runs cold.


Drink a glass of water before drinking anything else

This is a little game I figured out when I was a server at a restaurant.

As a server, we were allowed unlimited soda while we worked.

And some nights when it was busy a quick gulp of Sprite tasted so refreshing.

But once I had one gulp, suddenly I’d find myself going back over and over again for more.

So I made a rule that I had to have the equivalent amount of water first, before I could drink any soda.

9 times out of 10 I’d take a drink of water and then lose all of my cravings for soda.

And on the rare times that I did end up having a little soda as well, I only drank a little because I had already drank so much water.


Add a side of veggies to every meal

Similar to the water game, this is another little trick I used to pull on myself.

I love mac n cheese.

I mean, LOVE the stuff.

So on the days when I’d serve up some of my delicious, home-made mac n cheese I’d also pile an equal amount of veggies on the plate.

At the time, I didn’t know the beauties of cooking fresh veggies, so I would eat those soggy, limp, flavorless ones you buy frozen.

But I didn’t mind because I knew that in just a few bites I’d be enjoying my mac n cheese.

However, since I had already partially filled up on veggies, I ended up full after only a small portion of my beloved mac n cheese.


Finding tricks like this is a great way to make healthier choices without having to follow a strict diet.


Add a 5 min Boot Camp Finisher to your workout

On the workout side of things, one of the best things you can do–that’s SUPER EASY–is to add a quick metabolic spike to your workouts.

If you’re a member of Fighting Fit you’re already getting all of the metabolic training that you need.

But if you workout at home or by yourself, adding a 5-10 min Boot Camp style routine to the end of your workout can help keep your body burning fat even well after you’ve finished your workout.

You can check out any of the 5-10 min home Boot Camp workouts that I’ve posted to Youtube.


Go one step higher in weights than you currently use

If you’re already a member of our gym, one recommendation I’d like you to consider is adding a little more weight to your workouts.

Whether it’s the Medicine Ball, Kettlebell, or Resistance Bands.

A lot of people get comfortable with a certain amount of weight and spend far too long at that level, rather than continuing to challenge themselves with heavier and heavier weights as they get stronger.

If that might be you, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much of a difference adding just a few pounds will make.


Coach Forrest

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