5 Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is Awesome!

5 Reasons Why Working Out In The Morning Is Ahttps://www.austinkickboxingandjiujitsu.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpgome!


We’ve all heard the phrase “the early bird catches the worm”.

And, when it comes to fitness, I truly believe those that make the switch to working out in the morning with us are in this secret club that has figured out how to get more out of their days.

Working out in the morning is a habit that takes time to develop and adjust to like any other.

I used to be that die-hard ‘NO WAY am I getting up to workout’ person. Then I fully committed to doing it for 21 days and haven’t looked back since.

Here’s why:


1. Start your day by accomplishing something

This was an unexpected payoff, but has been one of my favorite benefits.

No matter how the rest of the day goes, what gets in the way with work or my kids, I have the advantage of starting my day feeling accomplished.

By working out in the morning, you start your day by doing something good for yourself.

Also, when I’m up early, I find that my morning hours tend to be more productive because I’m alert and already in go-mode.


2. Jump Start Your Metabolism

One of the reasons that post-workout nutrition is so important is that you are feeding your growing muscles as well as burning fat.

When you workout in the morning, its like kickstarting your metabolism into gear so your body starts burning calories sooner.

I also noticed that I naturally would drink more water on the days I worked out in the morning- bonus!


3. Smaller classes

If you’re feeling a little lost in the shuffle or you like the idea of more individual attention, our morning classes are the place for you.

There’s a different vibe in the morning with our crew, and I have to say that it’s pretty inspiring and fun to be with other people making that same sacrifice to get up and get it done.

We laugh a lot and push each other and, because of the smaller classes, everyone knows each other a little more.


4. More social evenings

We’ve all had to make the call of missing something fun to stay committed to our fitness goals, or skipping out on a workout so we don’t miss out on something fun.

When you workout in the morning and cross that off your list, you seriously feel like you have MUCH more free time to do the other enjoyable things you choose to fill your time with.


5. Endorphins in the morning, sleep better at night

Working out is a natural endorphin producer, and who wouldn’t want to start their day with that boost?

For some people, like me, working out at night can interfere with their sleep because you get that big boost and then try to wind down.

When you workout in the morning, your body can ride that endorphin wave throughout the day.

Then, when it comes time to hit the hay, you’re more than ready and able to sleep deeper through the night.

If you’ve been telling yourself you want to get in and try one of our 6am classes, here is me CALLING YOU OUT!

Just do it, commit to it for 2-3 weeks, and you’ll know if it’s for you.

-Coach Hannah

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