5 Reasons Why Being Fit & Healthy Rocks!

5 Reasons Why Being Fit & Healthy Rocks!

There are some great reasons to live healthy and fit that far surpass any pleasure a doughnut or Lazy-Boy can bring.

Here are 9 reasons why being healthy ROCKS!


More energy

It’s hard to live a kick-ass life when you’re running on fumes.

Imagine waking up every morning with enthusiasm and drive.

Imagine having at least twice as much energy as you have now to do the things you want to do.


Look great in a swimsuit

Although I like to preach on the life-improving benefits you receive by being healthy and fit, I’m not gonna lie–

I love how it makes me feel about my body.

I’m stuck with the face I’ve got :-), but I love seeing my girlfriend’s attraction when she grabs my arm or cuddles up against my chest.

Feeling attractive feels great.

And being stuck behind your clothes because you’re embarrassed to wear your swimsuit doesn’t.


Not winded running up the stairs

Being healthy and in shape means being able to do so many more things.

And do them more easily.

Whether it’s being more active in hobbies and sports…

Keeping up with the kids…

Or keeping up with your “special relationship” in the bedroom…

Being fit allows you to live the life you want.

Feel great inside

When your fit and healthy, you feel good inside.

You feel clean.

You feel clear and bright.

You feel light and mobile.

I remember when I was cutting weight for a boxing match.

I got down to my lohttps://www.austinkickboxingandjiujitsu.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpgt body fat–7%.

I felt so much lighter and quicker.

I felt like my body moved effortlessly.

It felt great.

Living healthy also improves your self-esteem.

Self-esteem is based on taking responsibility for your life.

And by choosing to take care of your body, you are sending a message of love and worth to yourself.


Live longer

And, not only do you get to enjoy all of these life-enriching benefits every day, but you get to enjoy them for longer.

Living a long life means you get to see your kids graduate college and start their own families.

You get to travel with your spouse when you retire.

You get to contribute more love to others and to the rest of the world.


Have you put on your running shoes yet?


Now go read my article on Cardio and then take them back off again.

And come join us for a REAL workout! ?

(Again, I love to pick on running, but it’s mostly in fun…mostly.)


Coach Forrest

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